What is Counterstrain?

Counterstrain is a gentle, hands on technique that alleviates pain and tension throughout the body.

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No Seriously, What is Counterstrain?

Consider this: Every structure in your body is important. Sure you need muscles, but you cannot survive without nerves, arteries, organs, or really any part of your body. As you go through life any structure can become injured or inflamed. Your body will protect threatened, injured, or inflamed tissues with pain and reflexive tightness. 


Counterstrain allows a skilled clinician to identify the areas of the body that are in this protective state. Once identified, the clinician will use anatomical knowledge and informed touch to gently and painlessly decompress that tissue.  


This is Counterstrain. Identify restrictions in the body, and then restore the body to normal by gently and painlessly decompressing any restricted areas.

Interesting. What else can you tell me?

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