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Our bodies have a remarkable ability to heal if given the chance. At Rise Physical Therapy Scott Moreland, Doctor of Physical therapy focuses on removing the tension and inflammation that builds with everyday life, traumatic injuries and surgeries. Each patient receives individualized treatment tailored to their goals, their needs and their body. Most sessions will focus on the painless and powerful technique of Fascial Counterstrain. With a little help you can Rise up, Rise again, Rise better than you were before.

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Scott Moreland, DPT

Since becoming a physical therapist I have always looked for the most effective and impactful treatments for my patients. Early in my career this led me to a certification in joint manipulation as well as specialization in muscle training. With each new technique I found myself more effective in helping my patients.


However, I was completely unprepared for the profound changes I would see with Counterstrain. Using just the content from the Introduction to Fascial Counterstrain course I was suddenly helping patients faster than I ever had and in some cases improving symptoms I never dreamt of changing. I was hooked immediately and have been striving for excellence in Counterstrain ever since. Each year I pack as many classes into my schedule as possible.


Currently, I am have taken more Fascial Counterstrain classes than any other practitioner in the Kansas City area

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